05x07mm Drop Beads PE. Mix Venetian Style
05x07mm Drop Beads PE. Mix Venetian Style

05x07mm Drop Beads PE. Mix Venetian Style
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Everything looks wonderful

I just received my trunk show today, at the same time Shelly was here! I have Nirvana coming in the front and back door today! lol! Everything looks wonderful.


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Cynthia Shanti Moralez

Cynthia Shanti Moralez Garciduenas

When she was growing up in Mexico, open and expressive Shanti thought she would be an artist, a musician or maybe a teacher. Her physician father and nurse mother influenced her to become a dentist.

After four years of dental school, she broke from the plan and went to USA were she volunteered at Nirvana Beads. At the beginning it was a bit of a lark, but the access to design programs and photography was the way to discover her passion for design. She enrolled Queens College to study Graphic Design.

"I like to try new things," Shanti explained. But once she spent some time at Nirvana, she found herself inexplicably attracted to glass. "There are so many variations in glass in just the shape, cut, color and finish, so many ways it can be expressed," she said.

Her graphic skills and the attention to detail give her a natural advantage in shepherding all of Nirvana Beads online presentation - but it's the possibilities of glass that delight her.

"The first time we went to the Czech Republic it gave me the visual understanding of all the work, precision and mechanical processes -- and how different combinations could work," she said. "I really enjoy experimenting with new finishes."

While Nir focuses on the business planning and processes that grow the company and its' support of their commitment to causes, Shanti appreciates that her work in design and online presentation moves the company forward while allowing her variety and expression.

"My days are always different. There new beads, photos, website work," she said. "I love what I do." She particularly enjoys opening boxes to discover how her ideas and instructions have been translated into Nirvana's distinctive Czech glass beads and buttons.

"I am artistic, but I am also practical. In my job I can create something that you can use that is also something beautiful. It's perfect," she said. She particularly enjoys seeing her beads showcased in the creations of the spectacular beaders and designers who are their eventual customers and loves to see emails and Pinterest pins with the images.

Shanti enjoys the constant challenge of finding new ideas to apply to beads. "I get inspired by my surroundings-- architecture, interioir design, fashion - and look for way to translate these concepts in beads," she said.